We provide business solutions that leverage technology. Our wide range of consulting services – from planning and simulation solutions to , architecture project managment and technical execution of SAP BI projects – serve one purpose, to help our clients drive profits and business performance by using better information and analytics. 

Through our methodology and long and wide experience, we work with our clients to build and launch a portfolio of high-impact simulations, planning and BI solutions to address their challenges.

We work on free demos to show you the potential results off your desired solutions.
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Have a look at our Preconfigured Solutions

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  • Reporting: We provide Business intelligence and business analytics solutions including within this scope querying, reporting, OLAP, dashboards and balance scorecards.
  • Planning: We provide Solutions for Demand Planning, Production Planning, Sales Planning and Forecasting.
  • Simulation: According to the type of process you need to simulate, we will design a solution using the most suitable methodology, developing a model with specific tools and integrate it with your BI tools and data.
  • Solution Templates: Check our solution templates for Rough Cut Capacity Analyze and Fluvial Cargo Logistic.