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Planning covers a wide range of topics from simple data entry to complex planning scenarios to re-forecast and analyze “ what if” scenarios and see the impact of changes on performance. We develop this and we we fully integrated them into the BI system.

A planning model includes: 
  • Views of Data.
  • Methods to Change Data as planning functions, planning sequences, manual planning in the form of input queries, as well as process chains.
  • Utilities as filters.
  • Concepts for protecting data centrally
We have experience in different types of Planning:
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The Opportunity

Multi-Input/ Multi-Measurement Forecasting
Advanced Statistical Forecasting to Provide Baseline at any Level of Aggregation
Automating Consensus Driven Process, User Prioritization

End-to-end Supply Chain model to support aggregate planning, long term procurement and closed loop feedback into Sales & Operations Planning
Flexible Planning Strategies for MTO, MTS and Constraint Based Optimization

Feasible Production Planning & Detailed Scheduling to optimize set-up time, maximize throughput and increase machine utilization