We offer the development of SIMULATIONS Models as a tool to Increase your Decisions and Planning Capacities
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The development of a model of a certain process or structure allows you to use a “ What if “ scenario , to simulate different situations.
In this way, users can evaluate, compare and optimize, alternatives designs, plans and policies for their company.
Multiple modeling methods can be used to achieve the best results in representing real process.
Methodologies such as System Dynamics, Discrete Event and Agent Bases are used by us to develop the model that better suits your needs, and with our BI background, we integrate the simulation results to improve your planning or analytical solutions. more

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We have choose to use a multiple method modeling software tool, ANYLOGIC that offer the modeler and the user the best flexibility to achieve this goal as
different language methods are sometimes needed to develop the Model. We integrate the results to your current BI tools or use Anylogic outputs.
Different areas where Simulation Modeling is successful in improving desired results, threw better planning, threw optimizing resources or detecting bottlenecks and helping finding the best solutions for the problems are: