We offer a range of services that supports you in Data Managment, Planning, Simulation and Reporting initiatives. We propose you to Focus our expertise on any aspects of BI that will benefit you most.
From creating DW and BI architectures, Business Planning integrated solutions, and Simulation models that will support planning decisions and will add anlaytical capabilities to your BI solutions, we ensure that our client’s leaders and managers have the tools they need to gain a better view across their organization and make better business decisions.

Our Service includes
  • Strategy, Planning and architecture of BI Projects.
  • Development Services.
  • Project Managment.
  • Trainning
  • Support
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We have a wide background developing BI solutions.
  • BW, extraccions and datawarehouse
  • Implementing Dashboards, KPI’s.
  • Forecasting and Planning
  • Production Planing
  • Demand Planning.
  • Simulation Models integrated with BI open sources.

We also integrate SAP with third party tools or other solutions to fit the best option to solve the needs.

Reporting and Dashboards:
Arcplan; Olation
For Simulaton Purpose:
For Demand Planning : SAP APO
For Forecasting: SAP APO
For Detail Scheduling:
For Simualtions our Services include :
Model Conceptualization
Model Development
Data integration
Model Deployment
User Trainning
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We have designed, along our ten years of implementations experience, a special methodology that allows us to make a precise estimation of time and cost development.
It allow us to track our state of development in a remote way
It allows our customers to start an early validation of our solutions or models with their own data
It allows our customer to have a complete overview and map of the sources of his information and how it it analyticaly processed

Our Approach
If your need are KPI’s indicators, within reports and cockpits, we will:
In a first glance evaluating the number of indicators, reports, infosources and cubes we have to develop, we will be able to give you a first approach to the cost of your project in time and money
As a second step we go threw a blueprint process, where we collect all needed information, we define Bins, and the data dictionary.
As a result,we develop a project reference and our own internal tracking dashboard, so you will be able to check the status of the work whenever you like.

Our Development
Our specialized architectures will design the optimal configuration for your needs. At the same time, our project leader will build the required developer team, using the resources, each of them, within the field of their expertise.
The clue of our work is our commitment to provide the correct people while building the developers team.
We are able to do this, and at very competitive rates, thanks to our off-shore remote development center, where we have build up a team of senior consultants, with a continous on going sap trainning, that garantees the quality of the developed solutions.

Our Go Alive with the Solution
Once the develpment phase comes to an end, we go threw quality testing (QA), with key-users and end-users, providing enough time for final adjusments.
In this period we will be able to test, not only consistency of reports definitions, but also data and perfomance
Finally we will go alive with the solution, giving you all the necessary support, to your full satisfaction