Real-Time Business Intelligence & Analytics
PowerOLAP® is a unique Business Intelligence and Analytics solution that delivers instant, real-time answers to your business questions through a dynamic connection to your underlying data source system.

PowerOLAP an intuitive Business Intelligence solution to use because it can work with the front-end of your choice--whether Excel spreadsheets, Google Docs, Xcelsius, or a web browser. It transforms your static Microsoft Excel dashboard into a Real-Time Excel dashboard with full functionality. Plus, it dynamically integrates your relational database with an optimized multidimensional database for a faster, more powerful, and more flexible single application.

This powerful solution delivers numerous advantages to organizations:

Increase Productivity: Empower the people who work in your organization with speed, efficiency, and agility.
Discover Ground-Breaking Answers: Expand your company’s potential with instant answers and future analysis that give you a competitive advantage.
Evolve Your Business: Through knowledge, analytics, growth, and stunning ROI.
PowerOLAP is available as a standalone client (a designer client) or as a client connected to a PowerOLAP Server. What’s more, PowerOLAP can integrate data provided by any data source that has Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) such as Microsoft SQL Server and SAP® Solutions.
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