Detail Scheduling

The goal of detail scheduling is to ensure that orders will be executed, that work centers will be available when required in the sequence that the plan defines. Because work centers may be required by different FG at the same time, the sequence of process is critical. Successful scheduling of one operation at a resource may conflict with the dates of the other operations. You need a scheduling of the process evaluating the bottle necks of your resources.

Production is dynamic and restrictions are time related, so it is very hard to try to plan a complex production flow in an excel sheet or in a linear way ( lots of planning tools do so), because probably you won’t be able to capture all the interaction that feeds the best output but with a digital twin this is possible. In a few minutes you will have your monthly or weekly answer!

Our detail scheduling tool.


How it Works?

  • Combines an easy data loading integrated in the cloud, with a simulation and optimization engine.

  • Data will be loaded at the SKU’s level, with due dates info. Work centers, BOM’s and routing are loaded as well and part of the digital twin that represents the entire flow.

  • Having connected our cloud master data governance module ( Sap Analytic Cloud) with the simulation model ( Anylogic), and a Linear programming solver ( Gurobi) we have all the power we need to solve even the most complex multi-steps sequence

  • During the onboarding process of the tool , we define the needed algorithms to let the tool decide the optimized sequence.

  • The user can play with different possible scenarios, changing inputs, constrains and goals.

  • The output is exported for further uses and analysis. The goals prioritization can include different types of variables, so we may optimize the schedule not only accomplishing due date, but also include customer prioritization, internal sequence due to products types, minimum batch sizes, etc.

Goals !

In any in-house production you generally use multilevel planning, where the Finish Good is produced from other intermediate formulas that must be available in the correct time for the production process.

With an optimized production sequence you optimize labor and work stations capacities, avoid WIPs and deliver in time!


Check some of our case studies!

A custom contract manufacturer of super premium pet food is one of the largest independent manufacturer of super premium pet food in the US, producing a total of one billion pounds of pet food annually.

As a contract manufacturer, its production is made to order, satisfying a continuous evolving demand profile. They produce more than 1500 different SKU’s. Their goal is to accomplish delivery date, optimizing the use of their capacities, and avoiding WIP inventory.

They use our detial scheduling tool to 

Deliver an optimized extrusion and packaging combined schedule according to capacities scenarios defined for each process step, without generating WIPs and accomplishing delivery dates.

This optimizer works as a trade-off solution, between the optimization of the partial components.

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