New product launch analysis

Would you like to consider the expected gain of market share for a new product, according to the marketing actions they are able to take? The use of a digital twin model, that runs along time and takes into consideration the changing market share, will allow you to get an accurate result for your revenue. Digital Twin of the production Process + KPI´s dashboards.


  • Play with Scenarios & Play with your variables.
  • Try new marketing strategies or modify potential action target groups in a risk-free scenario.
  • Get an answer for every idea!


Compare different scenarios with Parameters Variation.
The model will show you output variations, allowing you to compare costs and benefits of each action over time.


Sensitivity Analysis.
Visualize in a Tornado Graph the potential impact of your variables on your final output.


We translate your objective into an equation so you can apply constraints and just run the optimizer.
The model will deliver the best combination of variables according to your goals.




Digital twin models are the key to evaluate potential impact of marketing actions on the expected revenue of your company.

Since consumers behavior can impact on the market share and new product launch success, marketing actions are necessary to assure market share.
With our digital twin models, you will be able to estimate the terminal value of your investment in a specific period of time, using your own estimated market share.
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Evaluate the expected revenue of a new product acquisition.

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Play with different scenarios or marketing efforts, and estimate the impact on the final results, to have a good view of what to expect.

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Run a Sensitivity analysis and build a Tornado graph, for the most relevant variables. Be able to vary the value of different variables, recalculate the impact!

Why choose Us

se a Digital Twin to Simulate and Analyze different Market scenarios!


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