Simulation-Based Planning Solutions

The Power of using a Digital Twin

  • Provide a dynamic and interactive environment to test various scenarios
  • Optimize production processes and improve operational efficiency
  • Risk Mitigation and Contingency Planning
  • Facilitate cost reduction and resource optimization

Solutions Powered by SAP ANALYTICS CLOUD & AnyLogic


More than 20 years developing Planning & Simulation Solutions

Allow us to demonstrate how a Digital Twin can significantly improve your performance, save you time and money!

Maximize operational efficiency and minimize costs with our integrated end-to-end S&OP solution.

Reduce risks and mitigate disruptions with real-time scenario planning and simulations.

Optimize inventory levels, minimize stock-outs and maximize customer satisfaction through accurate demand forecasting.

Achieve optimal balance between demand and supply to increase profitability and growth.

Our Fast-To-Value on-boarding process allow SME companies solve critical S&OP Disruptions in just weeks!

If you’re facing production, inventory, and labor disruptive scenarios and need a quick, cost-effective solution, our S&OP as a Service offering, powered by SAP Analytics Cloud and Anylogic simulation, can solve ongoing planning issues in under 14 weeks. With our cloud pay-as-you-go model, there’s no need for additional capex or IT infrastructure, and you can run risk-free simulations and optimizations to achieve maximum efficiency.

  • Solve ongoing Demand & Supply Planning issues in <14 weeks with S&OP as a Service
  • Utilize state-of-the-art platform powered by SAP Analytics Cloud and Our unique Simulation & Optimization Tool 
  • Run risk-free simulation & optimization scenarios without additional capex or infrastructure
  • Low entry cost service with pay-as-you-go model for fast-to-value and cost-effective solution.

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