S&OP as a Service

  • Having Production Capacity issues?
  • Having Supply Disruptions?
  • Are you struggling with Inventory?
  • Your Planner just Left?

Improve decision-making and reduce risk through scenario planning and real-time simulations.

More than 80 real projects carried out

Allow us to demonstrate how S&OP as a Service can significantly improve your performance, save you time and money!

Maximize operational efficiency and minimize costs with our integrated end-to-end S&OP solution.

Reduce risks and mitigate disruptions with real-time scenario planning and simulations.

Optimize inventory levels, minimize stock-outs and maximize customer satisfaction through accurate demand forecasting.

Achieve optimal balance between demand and supply to increase profitability and growth.


Optimize your supply chain performance

Make Smarter Decisions!

We provide a BETTER, FASTER, INTEGRATED & SUSTAINABLE Enterprise Planning Cloud Solutions

Demand & Supply Planning

Outstanding Features:

  • Integrated: All-in-one solution for Forecasting, Demand Planning, Supply Planning, and Augmented Analytics capabilities.
  • Single point of truth: Provides a single source of truth for all relevant data and master data governance.
  • Accurate: Utilizes a world-class planning cloud platform powered by SAP Analytics Cloud.
  • Faster: Offers cost-effective pricing for SME entry level on a per user per month basis. Provides faster time-to-value by enabling customers to get started in just weeks, not months.

Data Spot & Master Data Governance

DATA is loaded to multi-dimensional data models, creating a Single-Point-of-Truth for function and management analytics, and enable LoB Master Data governance. Ability to add future members to dimensions, create planning groups & hierarchies.

Demand Planning & Forecasting

Predictive forecasting scenarios, based on historical data & influencers, create the Forecast baselines, that Demand Planners can manually adjust using top-down or bottom-up "lifts", managing multiple private/public Forecast versions.

Supply Planning

Based on the current Demand Plan & Inventory, the Supply Network Optimizer builds a production plan, finding a feasible solution balancing capacity, labor, inventory policies, with FG & RM lead times and minimum batch sizes, so Supply Planners can analyze prior to S&OP review meetings.

Production Simulation & Optimization


Revolutionary Production Simulation & Optimization Tool


Outstanding Features:

  • Optimize production capacity, inventory & labor scenarios
  • Utilizes Digital-Twin techniques & Solver algorithms for maximum efficiency
  • Run and compare multiple production scenarios during S&OP review meetings
  • Quickly update detailed schedules with zero risk of disruption

Our solution empowers planners to construct and simulate production plans while incorporating constraints and restrictions. Utilizing powerful algorithms, you can optimize capacity, inventory, and labor scenarios to achieve optimal efficiency. Evaluate various scenarios during S&OP meetings to balance production, prevent stock-outs, and reduce inventory expenses. With the capability to re-run and update schedules in just minutes, you can ensure your plans stay current.

Avoid Stock-Outs

Need to anticipate production? The Solver will find the feasible answer. What to produce and when, keeping inventory between max and min WOS.

Simulate Production

Simulate Rough Cut Capacity Planning based on production capacity and constrains, for the next 12-18 rolling months, based on demand plan.

Optimize Inventory

Project inventory at safety stock levels, based on production requirements, material lead time and batch size, keeping your inventory turnover rate high.

Optimize Labor

Optimize Production plans maximizing labor usage. Plan your best shift and schedule, while accomplishing demand and inventory policies.

Fast-Track Program A "fast to value" on-boarding program to help SME companies solve critical S&OP Disruptions

If you’re facing production, inventory, and labor disruptive scenarios and need a quick, cost-effective solution, our S&OP as a Service offering, powered by SAP Analytics Cloud and Anylogic simulation, can solve ongoing planning issues in under 14 weeks. With our cloud pay-as-you-go model, there’s no need for additional capex or IT infrastructure, and you can run risk-free simulations and optimizations to achieve maximum efficiency.

  • Solve ongoing Demand & Supply Planning issues in <14 weeks with S&OP as a Service
  • Utilize state-of-the-art platform powered by SAP Analytics Cloud and Our unique Simulation & Optimization Tool 
  • Run risk-free simulation & optimization scenarios without additional capex or infrastructure
  • Low entry cost service with pay-as-you-go model for fast-to-value and cost-effective solution.
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