Digital Twins For Health Care

Simulation modelling in healthcare is an effective approach to explore different scenarios and help take decisions in a risk-free space.
Innovate and improve hospital management, healthcare facilities and clinical care with the support of Simulation!
When you have a need of improving the efficiency of your facilities and resources, a simulation model provides the ability to discover dependencies and quantify the effects of policy change. In that way you will be able to decide on changes and efforts prioritization.
It captures the dynamics of your system. It is both used for hospital workflows dynamics and for epidemiological research.

Our Health Digital Twin Models can:

Help identify risks and challenges, and ultimately lead to a refined solution.
Provides the ability to discover dependencies
Quantifies the effects of policy changes, facilities modifications and organization.
Resulting in the optimal targeting of efforts and resources optimization.
  • ITE CONSULT HEALTH simulation models used in epidemiology studies or clinical trials allow to test and evaluate forecasting and theoretical scenarios, informing mitigation strategies and improving potential outcomes.
  • Using ITE CONSULT HEALTH digital twin software is the key to detailed analysis and valuable developments in your healthcare organization.


  • Hospital design, Patient flow
  • Healthcare policies planning
  • Pharmaceutical supply chain and production planning
  • Clinical trial simulation
  • Patient care and healthcare decision
  • Resource acquisition and allocation

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