Finance Planning

Our Finance Planning solution is a platform where to create projections of Income Statements, Balance Sheets and Cash Flow Statements of parent company and subsidiaries. Our solution uses your own historical data in order to make strategic short-term and long-term decisions, visualizing projected data and KPI´s dashboards.

Take the results of your business to the next level. Use the financial planning and consolidation model designed by ITE Consult to gain access to all financial information at the subsidiaries or consolidated level in a more strategic and organized way. This solution will allow you to make the most strategic and successful management decisions.

Some of short-term and long-term strategic decisions to be analyzed with this platform:

Debt needs and capacity

Working Capital Analysis

CAPEX Investments

Mergers & Acquisitions Analysis


Financial risk management

Hedging Strategies

Run sensitivity Analysis, Montecarlo, and build Tornado Charts to help you evaluate the risks in different scenarios!

Our value proposition

Our Financial Planning and Consolidation template is a proven model developed following best practices, based on SAP Analytics Cloud and Anylogic platforms.
  • The model can be implemented in a fraction of the time required for a traditional full-cycle implementation.
  • In addition, it can be easily integrated with existing SAP ECC / S4 or any other ERP system.
  • Management reports have been created based on business templates designed by CEO’s and CFO’s, using existing SAP reporting tools.
  • Our system solution will take care of all the underlying processes. Therefore, it will allow you to build and compare plans, based on historical budget and previous forecasts.
  • Moreover, what-if scenarios will allow you to instantly validate macroeconomic scenarios, run risk analysis and validate your plan.


Focus on business aspects of your planning process

Calculate your cash flows, financial forecast and annual budget

Measure the risk of your plan using What-if scenarios

Loading all your legal entities and running monthly consolidation process by just a click

Report results to internal and external stakeholders

Simplify the management of your Financial Planning and Consolidation process, integrating it with your S&OP and Production Planning processes. Take the next step and get the perfect software for you! It’s flexible and adaptable to the way your company works.


  • The Process uses Sales and Operations real time Data to Forecast Financial Statements. Therefore, reducing variables volatility and increasing the level of confidence in the decision-making process.
  • Helps decision makers to see individual, sub-consolidated and consolidated entities performance.
  • Easy to use and adapt in case of future growth or organizational change. It can be used for USGAAP and IFRS accounting principles.

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