Production Planning

As part of our S&OP planning platform, one of its modules is a Production planning model. This solution gives you the ability to generate a long-term production plan, according to capacity, labor and other production constraints.

Different weekly production plan scenarios, optimized to avoid stock-outs, align inventory levels with safety stocks policies, will be available for your monthly S&OP consensus meetings. Based on the selected 18 rolling Month Demand Forecast.

The solution takes into account all relevant variables from the production process, to find the best production plan that maximizes profitability.

Using a digital twin of the production process, customized to your business, you will have the ability to define different scenarios for the same demand plan and evaluate different outcomes.

Our Goals

Avoid Stock-Outs

Align the production plan to the demand plan approved, avoiding stock-outs.

Optimize Inventory Levels

Keep inventory levels aligned with safety stock or desired weeks of supply, taking into account the initial inventory, lead times and minimum batch sizes for FG’s and Raw Materials.

Estimate Raw Material Requirements

Delver a weekly Raw Material requirement plan, and calculate the inventory costs at all BOM levels.

Our value proposition

  • Based on our Customized Digital Twin Production planning model, you will be able to build  your production plan and purchase plan for 12/18 rolling months.
  • The inputs are your S&OP demand plan, your initial inventory, open purchase orders, safety stock, minimum production and purchasing batches.
  • The tool works on the detail scheduling optimization and all the constrains and delivers a production and purchase plan for the next 8 to 12 weeks.

We help you to preview your plan outcome before actual production takes place!


We  implement a cloud service where to run and calculate your production and purchase plan in a fraction of the time, and still have the flexibility to run multiple scenarios and be fully integrated with your S&OP and Financial Planning processes.


  • Run Rough Cut Capacity Planning scenarios

  • Analyze risks and create alternative plans

  • Optimize Inventory levels

  • Create multiple management plans

  • Calculate Raw Material Requirements

  • Achieve a Network Optimization Plan

  • Optimize Labor Utilization

  • Supply Planning KPIs

1.- What to produce?
2.- When to produce?
3.- How much to produce?
Get your answers for your supply chain planning!

Outstanding Features


No more Data import. Our digital twin is integrated with the cloud master data governance ( powered by SAP). So you will be able to choose the forecast demand version you will like to use. Initial inventory picture and BOM´s are integrated as well.


User defines Goals and Constrains for the production plan. What -if scenarios as well as optimization goals are defined in a user -friendly environment. While running the process for a specific time frame you will be able  to verify what is happening, no black boxes!


Labor optimization linked to production optimization. If you are having labor issues, you can choose to optimize your production plan not only according to labor constrains but also optimizing labor usage! The tool will propose the best plan for this scenario as well.

Other Production Planning Tools designed for Specific Goals:

Manufacturing & Logistics Simulator for strategic decisions

It estimates production, warehouse and logistic costs and ROA in different locations, within a time frame. Read our case study.

Rough Cut Capacity software analyzer

It builds your production plan for the next 12/18 months according to production constraints and keeping inventory between WOS min and WOS max. It will let you know what you will be able to produce. It will propose an optimize production plan. read our case study

Detail Scheduling and optimizer

It works on the optimization of weekly scheduling, according to the chosen scenario, satisfying demand and minimizing production costs. read our Case study

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