Sales & Operations Planning

Our Digital S&OP Cloud-Based Service Solution, which is powered by SAP Analytics Cloud and enhanced by a unique Simulation & Optimization Digital Twin, includes cutting-edge features to guarantee its efficiency. Some of these features include:

  • Data Integration: integrate data from various sources, such as ERP and MRP systems, and use AI algorithms to provide a holistic view of the business.
  • Predictive Analytics Capabilities: generate accurate forecasts based on historical data, market trends, and other factors using advanced machine learning models.
  • Virtual Collaboration Tools: provide tools for different departments and functions to collaborate and align their plans and priorities in a virtual environment.
  • Optimization-based Planning Functionality: provide tools for creating and managing production plans, inventory plans, and financial plans using optimization algorithms.
  • Advanced Analytical Capabilities: provide robust analytics capabilities  to allow users to view and analyze data in different ways, such as by product, by customer, or by time period.
  • Interactive Reports and Dashboards: provide the ability to generate interactive reports and dashboards, allowing easy monitoring and tracking of performance against goals and plans.
  • Cloud-based Flexibility: flexible, scalable, and adaptable to changing market conditions and new business requirements, by leveraging cloud-based technology to help the company stay agile and responsive.
  • User-friendly Simplicity: easy to use and understand, allowing users to access and use the data they need quickly and effectively with minimal training.

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The four Outstanding Pillars of our solution:

Business users have the data flexibility needed within a single point of truth (SPOT) for all processes including the following features:


  • Syncing Data with an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) or Material Requirements Planning (MRP) system
  • Creating and maintaining local hierarchies, grouping attributes, units of measure, currencies, etc.
  • Adding new members such as projected products and customers
  • Validating master data consistency

Planners can prepare demand plans and budgets using actual data and either an automatic predictive process or custom predictive models based on data segmentation. The solution also offers a variety of forecasting tools, including:

  • Predictive analytics scenarios
  • Rolling forecast lifts input
  • Multi-annual plan/budget input
  • Bottom-up planning input
  • Top-down planning input
  • Demand KPI and metrics dashboarding
  • Augmented analytics based on machine learning

The solution includes a digital twin of the production process, allowing users to choose the forecast demand version and corresponding initial inventory, set production capacity, labor, and other relevant restrictions, and generate a production plan. They can run different scenarios based on various constraints and generate a long-term horizon for production plan (rough-cut capacity plan) for each scenario.


The digital twin includes features for:


  • Optimizing the production network
  • Optimizing the production plan
  • Optimizing labor utilization
  • Optimizing inventory levels
  • Calculating raw material requirements

Users can visualize and dive deeper into analytics, examining all the data generated by the production planning tool in a dynamic environment. They can analyze scenarios with different production capacities, labor usage, and any updates of forecasts, bills of materials (BOMs), and raw materials (RMs). This includes:


  • Supply planning analytic reports
  • Rough-cut capacity planning analysis
  • Weekly production plan
  • Weekly raw material requirement projection
  • Current and projected inventory
  • Supply KPI's and metrics
  • Augmented analytics based on machine learning

Our Value Proposition

We provide advanced enterprise planning and analytics apps, based on best-in-class technology used by Fortune 1000 companies, to medium-sized companies in an easy, affordable, and fast-to-value manner, and integrating people, process, and technology into a single service.

The benefits of our cloud planning and simulation solution-as-a-service include:

  • Easy adoption of advanced technology
  • Faster time to value and better return on investment (ROI)
  • Continuous user support and training
  • Continuous functional improvement.

We provide the ability to run the integrated Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP) process steps, using data from a single point of truth, and generating reliable results for demand and production planning to save a significant amount of time and money for the Supply chain.

Streamlining Planning and Optimization with our All-in-One Cloud Solution

Our easy-to-use, agile cloud planning solution, integrated with a digital twin optimization model, enables users to perform rapid what-if scenario analysis and risk assessments. With advanced analytics, predictive forecasting and versatile planning capabilities, our all-in-one cloud-based solution streamlines the process, making it simple and efficient.

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Cloud Technology:
30% lower total cost of Ownership (TCO) over on-premise

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Cloud Managed Solutions:
90% improvement
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Use of digital twins and optimization algorithms to build plans and drive actionable decisions

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Continuous User Training, On-Going Support and Functional Enhancements


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