Sales & Operations Planning

Our Sales and operations planning solution is a platform where to forecast your demand with predictive scenarios,  adjust your demand plan, build your production plan for the next 12/18 months using this demand and check the analytics in the consensus meeting!

Our S&OP Solution is based on  Predictive Analytics & Production Simulation for Planning Functionality,  powered by SAP Analytics Cloud, AnyLogic & Gurobi.


The solution is based in four pillars, that actually make the difference.

Master Data Governance + Demand Planning + Digital Twin of the production Process + KPI´s dashboards.

Why are the four of them significant in the solution:

Give the demand planner the flexibility needed, and a single point of truth for all process


  • Sync with ERP/MRP System
  • Create/Maintain Local Hierarchies, Grouping, UOM, Currencies, etc.
  • Create new Members (Projected Products, Customers, Etc.)
  • Master Data Validation

 User can prepare demand plans and budgets from actual, using automatic predictive process or define its own predictive models according to data segmentation.


  • Predictive Forecast using Predictive Analytics Scenarios
  • Rolling Forecast Lifts Input
  • Multi Annual Plan/Budget Input
  • Bottom-Up Planning Input
  • Top-Down Planning Input
  • Demand KPI & Metrics Dashboarding
  • Augmented Analytics

The solution builds a digital twin of the production process. User chooses demand version using in this way a unique demand forecast across the organization to develop the production plan. So, users can run different scenarios and constrains and generate a long term horizon for their production, for each of those scenarios.


  • Production Digital Twin
  • Network Optimization
  • Optimize Production Plan
  • Optimize Labor Utilization
  • Optimize Inventory Levels
  • Calculate Raw Material Requirements

Users will visualize and move deeper into analytics, checking all the data generated by the production planning tool in a dynamic environment. Checking scenarios with different production capacities, labor usage and continuous updates of forecasts, BOM’s and RM


  • Supply Planning Functions & Analytic Reports
  • RCCP Analysis
  • Weekly Production Plan
  • Raw Material Weekly Requirement Projection
  • Current & Projected Inventory
  • Supply KPI’s & Metrics

Although as simple as it may look, having the ability to build -in the steps of the process, bringing the data from a single point of truth and having trustful results of you demand and production planning, will bring big savings of time and money to Supply chain management. It will also include the business leader as a user.

This suite offers Demand Planning and Production Planning and Optimization, developing customers Demand plan and Forecast, Production Plan ( RCCP and Detail Schedule) and Supply Planning KPI’s. It is market as Saas, and it has a very short time of on boarding, in 12 weeks it can be up and running having an excellent ROI.

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