Digital Twin Add Insights and Planning capacities

Market tools usually help in dealing with everyday transactions. They help plan and analyze the procedures you already have in place. But what happens when you are willing to find a way to improve your processes?

Generally, you will set up beta tests of your procedures, and analyze the outcomes. These on-site beta tests are risky, difficult to implement and have an impact on your daily production or flow.

To avoid this risk and find all the possible improvements and solutions to your constrains, and increase efficiency in your process, you use a digital twin.

Virtual experiments with simulation models are less expensive and take less time than experiments with real assets.

But the digital twin tool doesn´t need to be a one-time scenario or a one-time solution. Once you developed it, it is an ideal tool as a help for monthly planning.

So tied with real data, you will be able to plan your next months or years. It is a tool that improves what you already have in place. It integrates with your systems.

You can expect a big help on:

 a) Detecting and suggesting solutions for your process.

 b) Optimize the planning, according to goals and constrains you can set.

 c) Impact your planning not only with your historical data but also using al market  and external information  you provide to the model.

Once data is collected in a prebuilt and customizable structure, what saves a lot of time, you are ready to move towards the process of simulating and optimizing.

The two key elements in a digital twin solution are

1. A dynamic simulation model

2. Data.

With them it is possible to build a powerful software tool, so you can ask what-if questions, understand the system behavior in multiple levels.

When adding the power of a solver, the tool will also find the optimized solution from all the possible combinations.

Digital Twins include in their algorithm’s definitions of all the steps and decisions that data flowing throw the model need to know.

Regarding visualization and communication, Digital Twins can be animated in 2D/3D, allowing concepts and ideas to be more easily verified, communicated, and understood.

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